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postheadericon Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is one of the widely used means of web hosting today. It is the most popular way to host a website.  When compared to the other types of hosting, shared web hosting is highly economical. Shared web hosting refers to the sharing of the web server wherein many websites reside on the same web server. All the websites share the resources of the server simultaneously. The server is divided in to various sections in which each website occupies its own place. Though many servers occupy the same web server, each server enjoys its own unique space.

One of the main aspects of shared hosting is that all the people who make use of the web server share the cost involved in server maintenance. Therefore, shared web hosting is relatively cheap. There are many web hosting providers who offer shared web hosting services. These kinds of web hosting providers are termed as shared web host.  One of the main factors that ought to be considered while opting for shared web hosting is that shared hosting has usage limits. Shared hosts are usually responsible for server management and installation along with additional responsibilities like technical support and security management. Shared web hosting can be used for small-medium sized websites. As shared hosting involves a lot of traffic, it is not suitable for websites that are large in size.

Linux web hosting is the feature which allows an organization to build websites using the widely known Linux operating system. With this, the companies can utilize some of the best open-source technologies like MySQL, PHP, Python and XML. This facility enables the organizations to experience more flexibility and comfort. An additional advantage of Linux web hosting is that the website can be easily changed along with the changes in the requirement of the user.

In shared web hosting, the responsibility of the website completely resides with you. The maintenance of the server and issues related to the server are only taken care by the shared web host.  Based on your website’s requirement you can opt for either of the two web hosting services mentioned here.

postheadericon Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one cheap methods of web hosting today. If you have your own server you no need to fear about the spaces that the systems have. If you have shared server then you will have limited space only. There are advantages and disadvantages of having shared web hosting. Advantage in the sense you can have a cheap web hosting. Disadvantage is in the sense it has some space related problems. The shared web server will not provide you much space that a web hosting business will afford.

Shared hosting provides you the best Linux web hosting for your sites. Since more number of persons will do their business on this server you web hosting will not be reached by most of the persons. Shared web hosting has the tendency to solve financial problems. Those who cannot able to buy the server on their own can use shared web server which comes in an affordable rate.

If you decided to go for the shared web hosting server what you need to do is to choose a right web hosting provider. The three kinds of web hosting providers are called as shared web host. In shared web host there is constraint that you have to use only limited amount of memory. The additional feature of shared hosting is its high support on its technical side. Shared hosting has its strong technical platform and security management.

Since you are working with Linux web hosting server you need to work carefully because the server was share by maximum all the companies. If security threat happens in any of the memory section, then it will spread across the system. Hence security management in server is necessary. Linux web hosting is popular web hosting that insists on using shared web host. It concentrates on open source technologies like PHP, MySql. Shared hosting has its concentration on these technologies.